tom farris is my brother
This collection of poems by Victor Clevenger sheds insight onto the complexities of interpersonal relationships as well as the introspective relationship with oneself. Tom Farris is my Brother is a well realized and expertly executed chapbook featuring cover art by Jeanette Powers.

tom farris is my brother (CWP Collective Press, 2017)



Sandpaper Lovin’
“If you like your pleasure spiked with pain you’ll wanna rub up against Victor Clevenger’s Sandpaper Lovin’.  Even if you don’t, you’ll still wanna.  Say all the good things about him you like, but I wager he’s got the most endearing scratch and bite of any sonofabitch writing today.”
— Hon. Jugborn Airbrush, editor of Cheap and Easy Magazine

Sandpaper Lovin’ (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2017)



Congentital Pipe Dreams

if i am going to take a bullet then so be it, but please make sure that the son-of-a-bitch is at least meant for me.

Congenital Pipe Dreams (Spartan Press, 2017)




Blood soaked brutal poems by US poet Victor Clevenger, illustrated by Swedish artist Janne Karlsson.  Soulwhore is the first Svensk Apache release of 2017, and it is available NOW!

Soulwhore (Svensk Apache, 2017)



The More Exciting Side of Death

This chapbook is part of the explosive Punk Chapbook Series from Epic Rites/Tree Killer Inc.  Order your copy of the series now!

Epic Rites Punk Chapbook Series



Come Here   

This book contains short & sweet excerpts collected by Bree and each piece formatted in little pieces of art. Published by Least Bittern Books.  Pick up your copy today!

Come Here (Least Bittern Books, 2016)



In All These Naked Pictures Of Us

This collection contains multiple mental snapshots developed in the corner of a darkroom from old and new pieces of my mind.

In All These Naked Pictures Of Us (2016)