Punch Drunk Press

Here are three poems recently published at Punch Drunk Press.  Many thanks to the editors!


“time travel”
for crissy staton

a bottle of strawberry hill on a saturday night is a magic
potion to make you feel fourteen again

& to remind you that sometimes the wetness of a soul still
needs nostalgic moments dripped upon its tongue

before the choir of reality
sings the moon to sleep once again


“gin & tonic poem”
for phoebe carter

the hummingbird travels south before sunrise

her empty glasses on the table
that walk through translucent reveries


“70 miles from dudley st.”

i gently burn
the end of this cigarette

i think about you
all of those times
that i lit a last cigarette
of the night & said
“i really don’t care
if the monster comes for me”

but now after seeing
the monster in action
something has kicked the cocky
right off of my wet tongue

the most that i say
at the end of the night now
is that “i miss you”

then i exhale my soul into
the winds

a wounded gambler


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Since the last time…

Cleveland was a great time!  In January we traveled up to Mac’s Backs Books for the Red Flag Poetry release of The Lovers’ Phrasebook.  This is a great book of poems by Jordi Alonso, and it is fully illustrated by Phoebe Carter.  I highly recommend checking out this  book!


You can purchase your copy at the following link: Red Flag Poetry


Recession In Neverland, has been released, and I am honored to be included in this book with so many other great poets, who also happen to be good friends of mine.  This book contains amazing photos by Timm Wherry, and includes a forward by Chris Lance.  I also highly recommend this book!



You can purchase your copy at the following link: Recession In Neverland


My forthcoming collection is titled, Congenital Pipe Dreams, and will be available in March from Spartan Press.  I will be having a launch reading on Monday, March 13th, at the Uptown Arts Bar in KCMO.  Later that week I will be traveling with John and Chigger down to Dallas, where we will meet up with Damian and Jameson for a weekend of poetry. The next few months will be busy, and packed full of great things.  I will be adding information, stay tuned…..


AND….check out the Available section for some great books, from some great publishers.  Show some love!….

AND….I came home last night to a surprise letter, broadsides, and a book from my friend, S.A.. It made me smile, and realize that it has been a while since I received a letter.  I should start writing more letters!



With A Bang….

Happy New Year to everyone!  I have hit the ground running in 2017 with the release of my new chapbook from Svensk Apache Press titled, Soulwhore.  This chapbook collection is 20 pages of madness and fully illustrated by the one and only Svensk Apache madman, Janne Karlsson.  Personally, I love this little razor blade known as Soulwhore, and honestly, you should purchase your own copy…just to let it slit your skin with pleasure.

15965114_10209580875213532_3027744227873101570_n You can pick up your own copy right here:








AND…. this coming weekend I will be traveling to Cleveland with John Dorsey and Chigger Matthews for a Red Flag Poetry event on Saturday the 14th at Mac’s Backs Books in Cleveland Heights from 7-9pm.  I hope to see you all there!!


Love & Cheers!


What’s New…..

the constant


on the

edge of


has us one

step closer

to being

either a

hero, or

a villain

in this world.


i’m good with





Things have been pretty quiet recently, which I honestly enjoy.  Just last week I sat down for an interview and reading with the host of Poets Underground, the amazing Wolfgang Carstens.  You can view the latest episode of Poets Underground at the following link:

Poets Underground: Victor Clevenger

Also…. I have recently had the opportunity to check out the forthcoming collection from Matthew Borczon titled, Battle Lines, and for me, there were no battle lines drawn when coming to the conclusion that this new collection of war poems from Matthew Borczon was an amazing expression of raw emotions. Borczon pulls no punches, he takes the pen and pushes it across the paper with his soul, leaving words that haunt and words that heal.  This is a must read, and it is available now for pre-order at Epic Rites.









at three yrs

old said,

“i don’t want baby coloring books anymore.”

so crissy tore

a page out of an

adult coloring


you know,

the new fad:

designs created

with a billion lines

that confine

the color.

i took a colored pencil

& filled in

a tiny sliver

of a butterfly


 in demonstration,

 & she tells


“dad, i know what i’m doing”

so i left her &

her knowledge


with her page

of alleged

adult relaxation.

i went to

finish washing

the breakfast

dishes & when

i returned,

a few minutes later,

there had been the

gleeful detonation

of a color bomb

that reached

far beyond

the confining lines

& she said,

“see, dad, it’s not that hard.”

& i now think that

she might be a fucking genius.


Chicken Hungry

Things can only get better from here, I’m never certain though, just human, & intrigued by the possibilities. 

It has been several days since I was last on here….& that will probably be the norm, however, I will try to keep this thing up & going.  What have I been doing?…well, the work gig, the family gig, & the writing gig….all essential.  Crissy & I took off last Sunday for a day trip down to Belle, MO.  The Osage Arts Community (OAC) is located in Belle, & that is where my friend John Dorsey is currently doing a residency.  John’s neighbor Greg Edmondson is an amazing artist, & down the hill in the river house is where Spartan Press, & Prospero’s  Jason Ryberg resides.  Of course, with it being Sunday, we hit up Jj’s Café to satisfy that chicken hungry feeling.  Afterwards we sat on the deck, down the hill, enjoying a few cold beers & the afternoon.  It was a great time with friends.  Now check out some links!

Osage Arts Community

John Dorsey’s latest collection of poetry: Being the Fire

Greg Edmondson’s artwork from OAC

Spartan Press

Prospero’s Books

Jason Ryberg will be the December 2016 POP! Poet: Head Full of Boogeymen / Belly Full of Snakes


Chicken Hungry!