at three yrs

old said,

“i don’t want baby coloring books anymore.”

so crissy tore

a page out of an

adult coloring


you know,

the new fad:

designs created

with a billion lines

that confine

the color.

i took a colored pencil

& filled in

a tiny sliver

of a butterfly


 in demonstration,

 & she tells


“dad, i know what i’m doing”

so i left her &

her knowledge


with her page

of alleged

adult relaxation.

i went to

finish washing

the breakfast

dishes & when

i returned,

a few minutes later,

there had been the

gleeful detonation

of a color bomb

that reached

far beyond

the confining lines

& she said,

“see, dad, it’s not that hard.”

& i now think that

she might be a fucking genius.



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