Chicken Hungry

Things can only get better from here, I’m never certain though, just human, & intrigued by the possibilities. 

It has been several days since I was last on here….& that will probably be the norm, however, I will try to keep this thing up & going.  What have I been doing?…well, the work gig, the family gig, & the writing gig….all essential.  Crissy & I took off last Sunday for a day trip down to Belle, MO.  The Osage Arts Community (OAC) is located in Belle, & that is where my friend John Dorsey is currently doing a residency.  John’s neighbor Greg Edmondson is an amazing artist, & down the hill in the river house is where Spartan Press, & Prospero’s  Jason Ryberg resides.  Of course, with it being Sunday, we hit up Jj’s Café to satisfy that chicken hungry feeling.  Afterwards we sat on the deck, down the hill, enjoying a few cold beers & the afternoon.  It was a great time with friends.  Now check out some links!

Osage Arts Community

John Dorsey’s latest collection of poetry: Being the Fire

Greg Edmondson’s artwork from OAC

Spartan Press

Prospero’s Books

Jason Ryberg will be the December 2016 POP! Poet: Head Full of Boogeymen / Belly Full of Snakes


Chicken Hungry!



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